10 years
Industry Experience

Soft Facilities Management

Our philosophy is based on people

We will take time understand your requirements and expectations before allocating the best possible cleaning method and quality of service. We cater to all kinds of facilities, ranging from commercial properties, residential towers, retail facilities, governments and schools. Our range of Soft FM services include:

Our Speciality

Describe your needs and thoughts to our team and we will work with you to understand how we can customize a solution for your company’s requirements.


• Interior and Exterior Cleaning
• Carpet Shampoo Cleaning
• Water Tank Cleaning
• Air Duct Cleaning

Safety & Security

• Post Guards
• Access Control Guards
• CCTV Control Room Guards
• GPS System Monitoring Guards

Waste Management

• Recycle Waste
• Disposable Waste
• Hazardous Waste
• Public Hygiene
• Recycle Waste Revenue

Pest Control

• Unit Turnover Service
• Routine Inspection
• Call back Service - No Charge
• Emergency Service
• Special Service