15 million
Safe man hours

Quality Management

We implement standard operating procedures to improve and maintain the system availability without downtime. Providing condition based techniques that maximize efficiency and minimize breakdowns. At Total Care we use the very best materials and products from leading suppliers, striving to provide an effective service. In addition we constantly monitor and review safe working practices for equipment’s and hazardous materials to ensure compliance in every circumstance. All operation and maintenance activities are carried out to the prescribed workmanship standards.

We monitor, control & document our performance to ensure unparalleled quality in the work process.

Quality Objectives

A quality system is a structured and documented management system describing the policies, objectives, principles, organizational authorities, responsibilities, accountabilities, and implementation plans to guarantee quality in the work processes, products and services.

A quality system provides the framework for planning, implementing, documenting, and assessing work performed by the organization for carrying out required quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) activities. Audits and assessments are an integral part of our quality system.